Stop, Reflect and listen

“The natural world produces the comfort that can come from nothing else. And we are part of the natural world.” Sir David Attenborough

Recently I read the question; What would life look now without art, literature or music? Sadly, we live in an age and time where reality shows have replaced reality and where a Netflix subscription is almost a human right and the speed of life stops us from pausing and appreciating the use of colours in a Monet painting or allowing a classical piece of music to awaken our emotions and in doing so maybe even the healing our souls, but most importantly observing and allowing nature to communicate its beauty and allowing our inner child to be amazed with a butterfly or a bee.

I wonder is this pandemic a good time to breath in and breath out, simply pause reflect and listen.

Pause, reflect, Listen.

René Descartes (1596-1650) formulated His view of the effects of music: The same music which stimulates some people to dancing may move others to tears.

I would like to challenge you to Stop and observe nature, and allow it to speak to you, everything is connected everything has a voice.

One of the most sobering experiences that I’ve had happened in a picnic in the mountains in Mexico, a small mouse ran past me, and we youngsters though that the mouse was invading our space, so, decided to kick it. I managed to do so, and the mouse turned around, got on his Hind legs and started to squeak loudly at me…..I could swear that He was asking the question, why ? what have I done to you ? This is my home…I broke.

We all have a voice, but very few have ears that listen.

Let’s stop and reflect and listen.

Will Wirz

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