Meet The Team

Will Wirz

Managing Partner and Designer

In 1994 working for a Canadian company in Mexico doing all aspects of drainage and irrigation, I fell in love with the concept of reshaping, enhancing and, most importantly, giving a piece of land enough influence to make it beautiful without ever pretending to know more than nature itself.

For over fifteen years now we have been creating and developing outstanding gardens, ranging in size and style, from small chic townhouse gardens, exhibition gardens, to large walled gardens and courtyards.

My approach to design differs from most other designers as I believe in a “hands on” and most importantly in a holistic and natural approach. Gardens are living, organic and ever-changing areas where the ability of a designer to effect real change can only happen with involvement throughout the entire garden making process.

Much of our work over the past decade has included the renovating and rejuvenating of old gardens and estates, creating new gardens within these old sites, which balance perfectly with what has gone before. We have also designed and installed more contemporary gardens to compliment a new house or in a smaller part of an old garden, we also have built several natural swimming pools.

As a company, we provide a full garden making service from consultancy, design and construction, to professional gardening aftercare and project management. A great design can only become reality if the landscaping is carried out efficiently and professionally.

Ruben Rodriguez

Project manager and partner

Nature has enthralled and inspired me since I was a child, and I hope my work re-engages people with the power and joy nature brings.

I bring to the team a vast array of trades that I have picked up both in my professional life and my never ending hobbies.I have a keen eye to detail and drive Will up the wall with my constant need for better tools.

I started working with Will in 2009 in Ireland, we have since built beautiful gardens in Ireland, Switzerland, Spain and Scotland.

At green bee, no two jobs are the same, we build to satisfy a very demanding clientele and that keeps me on my toes. I am really looking forward to our Natural swimming Pool in California next winter. I am passionate about !sustainability and self-sufficiency.

In 2011 I married Nathalie, Will’s daughter.

Sam Holden

Trainee Landscaper and Horticulturist

Growing up on the west coast of rural Scotland I have long held an interest in the beauty of nature, and the complexity of earth’s natural processes seen from the dramatic and thrilling landscapes of Scotland’s coasts, hills and valleys. I have a Bsc Hons degree in Geology from St Andrews University, which I pursued due to my love of the outdoors and to learn more about the Earth we live on.

I am currently training with the RHS to achieve a level 2 diploma, which I aim to use to progress in this company, and get involved with community projects and teaching others about Gardening.

 I am a creative and analytical thinker who enjoys working outdoors, and I see gardening and landscaping as a perfect way of combining my interests and talents into helping create pockets of beauty inspired by nature for others to enjoy.

Jonathan Koetsier

Garden Design Illustrator

When Ruben and Will asked me if I could help them illustrate garden designs, They described an approach to garden design that I found I identified with. A vision was described to me of a garden that is wild but curated; a garden that has all the elements of wild and beautiful nature but is also sustainable, functional and liveable for the contemporary lifestyle. Within my creative work, I am interested in a tension between the expressive gestural mark and the descriptive mark, this is best described in the subject of a still life painting where an apple is clearly seen through expressive mark making. Within my garden illustrations, I began to think of these expressive and chaotic marks as nature and the descriptive marks with references to planting and arranging as the human element curating and designing the garden. For me the garden expresses a beautiful tension between wild wonderful nature and the selective creative human hand and mind. Nature is beautiful as it is, but within the garden it can be curated into a new form, as a painter might use expressive mark making, creating something that is more than the sum of its parts.

I was born in South Africa and lived there until I was ten. Following that we moved to a small and quaint countryside village called Owslebury in Hampshire in the UK. Finding that I had an interest in art and design, I pursued a BTEC level 3 Diploma in Art and Design at Fareham College, a BA in Drawing and a MA in Illustration (authorial practice) at Falmouth University. My wife and I decided to make the move to St. Andrews to be nearer to my family and because of the beautiful and inspiring location. I currently make my primary living working as an oil painter but am excited to be doing some part-time work with Green Bee Landscapes as well!

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